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Our Projects

Gift to Education


Gift to Education projects were established to enrich and enhance the education of Spencerschools’ students and programs. Projects include guest speakers, student academic field trips, academic camp experiences of all students, as well as scholarships for seniors and educational enrichment projects.


Over the past ten years, your giving to the Foundation has provided the following projects:


Summer Explorations Experiences for all ages

Smart Boards in all classrooms


Google Expedition Virtual Field Trip Devices

High school Agricultural Science Greenhouse

STEM Program

Metal Tech Program

Guest speakers for all ages

Student field trips and Academic summer camps

NASA Space Design Competition

First Robotics

Classroom Enrichment Supplies

Lakeside Lab Opportunities

Tiger Mentoring at the Middle School

Active learning experiences

Insect Day field trips

Business & Career Conferences for students

Amusement Park Physics Experience

Multi-cultural puppets

Interactive Health Technology System

Writers’ Workshops

Apple Ipads

And many more!

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